Words from the Tempted

OMG. Recently had the Ultimate Neopolitan cupcakes... They were tooo good. Thank goodness I didn't give up sweets for Lent!

Iris V.

Those Vanilla Ice Cream Cupcakes were simply.... EXCELLENT!! Can eat a dozen in one sitting! Thank you for sharing.

Delfino L.

I tried the Vanilla Ice Cream cupcakes. It was AMAZING! The frosting was light and had the aroma and flavor of vanilla ice cream. Top Notch!!!

Tranna E. 
Pam S.

Had the chance to get the
Vanilla Ice Cream cupcakes and I LOVE IT! It's right up there with the 7-Up Pound cake in my book!

Kendra H.

I tried the Vanilla Ice Cream cupcakes. I tried ro resist it until after lunch, but after sneaking a taste of the frosting I had to eat the whole thing immediately! Excellent flavor and very moist. I especially like the way the frosting complemented the cake and, as always, the presentation is excellent. Christina always does such beautiful, creative cakes and cupcakes!

The Vanilla Ice Cream cupcakes were the most delicious vanilla cupcakes I've EVER had. I was only going to eat half and save the rest-well, that didn't happen. It tastes exactly like homemade vanilla ice cream.

Brandi T.

Them d*** cupcakes were ssssooooooo d*** good!!! My family and friends ate all the Key Lime and 7-Up Pound cupcakes!!! They were PERFECT! Thank you so much!


Milton H.

"Just wanted to say thank you to Delectable Temptation for your array of desserts your Cakes, Pies, & Cupcakes have been a big hit at all of my Parties..thanks again for being the best.....Milton and the gang"

Eric P.

"Delectable Temptations is just that... delectable. The array of options will keep you salivating and once you taste any of their sweets, you'll be hooked. The 7-Up Pound Cake is a simple signature item, yet lethal on the taste buds."

Kendra H.

"My husband and I had the 7-Up Pound cupcakes and we both really liked them. My husband John said it was lighter than a typical cupcake which he really likes and I agree. The citrus based flavor was a great alternative to a heavy chocolate or something along those lines."

Donna T.

"I had the Sweet Potato Pecan Cupcakes and my goodness they are fantastic!"

Melinda K.

"First of all . . . WOW . . . it's all pretty amazing stuff! A few of my personal favorites are the Banana Pudding Cupcakes, the Maple Bacon Cupcakes and the Lemon Custard Pie! But the overall winner is the Strawberry Cheesecake Cupcakes . . . AWESOME!"

Sharon C.

"When I had the Key Lime Cupcakes all I can say was simply delicious! As you bite into it you get a pleasant burst of taste in the center.

Great taste! Great flavors! Try them!"

Tiara D.

I've had the 7-Up Pound Cake cupcake, Banana Pudding cupcake, Strawberry Cheesecake cupcake, and I'm looking forward to the Maple Bacon cupcake SOON! I absolutely love Delectable Temptations cupcakes  so does my 1 year old daughter and those I share them with.. when I decide too... Love them they are always on point.

Tasha C.

"I have enjoyed Delectable Temptations cakes, pies and specialty cupcakes (especially the banana pudding cupcakes!)....so on point! The quality is out of this world! If you've never had them be prepared to get hooked!"

Sarah K.

"Christina's baking is from HEAVEN! Since it's from Heaven, it can't possibly have calories, so you can eat as much of it as you want!. . . Which is ALL OF IT!!!!!!!!!"

Kevin U.

"My friend had me try one of the Strawberry Cheesecake Cupcakes she ordered and it was sooooo Heavenly. I'm staring at Jesus right now. I'm not on earth anymore. My taste buds sound like a baptist church choir."

Tandra S.

"I had a Red Spice Cupcake. It was delicious and the icing was

even better!"

Kristen F.

"I tried the Key Lime Cupcakes... and they are to die for!!! Can you say AHHH-MAZINGG!!!"

Chanteon R.

"I had the 7-Up Pound Cake and tried the Cupcake version and it was delicious. This is definitely my favorite flavor. The best part is the glaze; it makes the whole thing pop."

Linda C.

Christina bakes from her heart and uses the best ingredients!  Her cupcakes are simply delicious!  The 7-up pound cake is my family's favorite.